About Us

Who We Are?

Manu Venture Private is a boutique investment firm focusing on the support, financing, and promotion of high-end brainchild technologies in realms ranging from software, biomed, and agriculture, to transportation, infrastructures, and retail.

Based in Bangalore, India, the firm scours the ever-evolving tech landscape for the most up-to-date & attractive disruptive technologies, and offers our investors access to high- yield investment opportunities worldwide.

Bringing to the table our proven record of accomplishment in the global investment arena, we enable enthusiastic tech investors, be they angel investors, institutional investors, top VCs or other strategic financial partners, access to early stage to top performing tech ventures with the lowest possible entry costs. The firm's highly seasoned investment team conducts rigorous market research and due diligence investigations of thousands of tech startups every year, aiming to identify top- tier opportunities across industries and growth stages.

Manu Venture Private's comprehensive mix of services covers the entire investment lifecycle, with hand-in-hand guidance offered to our investors, including portfolio planning, due diligence reviews, business analysis, M&A management, investment policy planning, risk management analysis, tax consulting, legal consulting, and negotiation management services.

Since our establishment, we have had the opportunity and great privilege to support the growth endeavors of exciting tech companies and solutions, supporting and guiding them closely from idea to market.

Why Invest With Us?

Our Service

We tailor our consulting services to meet each client's unique investment needs

Our Diversity

We offer investors broad spectrum of promising tech investment opportunities

Our Innovation

We think out of the box and always look for the next new thing in the tech field

Our Holistic Approach

We take care of everything across the lifecycle of any tech investment project

Our People

We handpick and hire the most talented and experienced investment specialists

Our Accomplishments

We present investors with sustainable ROIs and high-yield record of accomplishment

Our Experience

We hold years of hands-on experience in leading tech projects from concept to exit

Our Devotion

We put our heart and soul in order to tackle any challenge and assignment